What does Cohesie do?

Cohesie provides an effective contribution to reduce your organisation’s absenteeism. We move people through love and involvement.

The Cohesie approach

The Cohesie approach is a pragmatic one. In contrast to a lot of other health and safety service providers, we do not look at a sick employee from a medical perspective only.

Cohesie’s clients

Cohesie’s clients are very diverse, but they do have a big common divider: they believe in a different approach and see employees as the success of their organisation.

What others say about Cohesie

“Cohesie is very good at letting people make a choice and making them aware of the fact that they have a choice.”

“When your organisation thinks people are important, and you expect more than a doctor where employees call in sick, Cohesie is the best choice.”

“What’s different about Cohesie, is the cooperation to tempt employees to get back to work as soon as possible.”

“As an organisation, it’s time to set your own direction and your own responsibility. If you want to be one of the lead employers in this development, then Cohesie is the right partner.”

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