Cohesie is a by DNV certified occupational health service (arbodienst) 9001 with number: 142070-2013-AQ-NLD-RvA and complies with the ‘Directive Arbodiensten’.


The quality system includes a quality manual with operating instructions, standardized forms and documents. The system prescribes how absenteeism and additional occupational health service provision should be regulated. The internal consultation and management is recorded. The quality is guaranteed and periodically assessed on the basis of evaluation moments and methods. Naturally a privacy policy and a complaints form are part of our quality system.

To obtain a certificate, an occupational health service must meet the requirements in the field of Certification for the Service by Occupational Health Services. Some certifying bodies are appointed by the Minister and shall issue the certificate in the form of two certificates: ‘ISO 9001’ and ‘WCSS-Arbodiensten’. The standard provides rules regarding expertise, organization and quality of service. The occupational health services are submitted to an independent private institution. Also internal occupational health services need this certificate.

An occupational health service is designed to provide a basic package of services in the areas of safety, health and welfare of workers. The Minister of Social Affairs and Employment issued the Certificate of Occupational Health Services that offer a good package. An occupational health service must also have sufficient staff, is well trained and experienced and able to provide adequate and coordinated services to its customers.

An application for a certificate must be submitted to a certification body designated by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. There are several certifying bodies; an overview of these can be found on the website of the SBCA.

The Foundation Management Certification Arbodiensten (SBCA) manages the registry and sets for testing and certification guidelines. An important part of this directive is the appropriate handling of confidential information.